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I need the date of birth, the exact time of birth and the place of birth (for relationship horoscopes the data of both people are necessary; for yearly horoscopes please also tell me the current place of residence).

The time of birth is usually noted in the birth certificate, baptismal certificate or sometimes you might find it in your baby photo album; if you know the number of the birth certificate, you can also ask for the exact time of birth at the registry office of the place of birth.

I work according to western tropical astrology and interpret in a psychological, holistic way. For this I use the house system of Regiomontanus and the software of AstroContact. For the analyses I combine expert knowledge, experience and intuition; if desired, I also include numerology and/or tarot in the interpretation.

Choose your Offer, fill out the contact form and I will send you an email with information about the payment options (bank or PayPal transfer possible).

That depends on what you want to know – please read the detailed descriptions of the offers, they give you a very good overview. If you still need help deciding, feel free to send me an email at

You can find examples of general or specific questions for decision-making, clarification and understanding about yourself and your life issues in the offer descriptions. And no, I do not have the lottery numbers 😉

Very easy and without tedious appointment search. You send me your data and (if necessary) two to three specific questions that I should address in the interpretation. Unless otherwise agreed, I will create the graphic(s) within 14-21 days, record an interpretation video for you and you will receive the download link for your video conveniently by mail.
Why do I do a video?
So you can process the amount of information in peace at your own pace, whenever and as often as you like. Also, my highest intuition, which is very important to me when I do astrology, is hard to plan and I want to be in my best state for your reading.
If you want to book a live reading, however, please send me a request.

You send me your data and we schedule a meeting on ZOOM (duration approx. 60 minutes; for business readings approx. 40 minutes). Feel free to send your most important questions in advance, but we can also discuss them spontaneously during the reading. I will record our meeting and send you the video by mail so you can rewatch it as often as you like.

For further, more in-depth, additional questions or the separate booking of a solar chart (current year or next year) you can use the Follow Up offer.

Yes! If you have booked the trial offer „Sun, Moon & Ascendant“ and want to have a radix, a radix & solar or a potential check afterwards (and also if you have booked the trial offer for your child and then want a complete children’s horoscope), you will get these for 50 Euro less in each case (please point this out to me in your follow-up booking, thank you!). Also, if you order the combined reading for human design and astrology, you will save money compared to booking the two readings seperately.

Of course you can! Just send me the name of the person and the offer you want, and I will send you a printable voucher (valid for 6 months from date of issue).

Protection of data is a matter of honor! I store personal data for the horoscope creation locally on my computer, do not pass them on to third parties and delete them completely on request at any time. Your video comes to you via WeTransfer, a service that automatically deletes files and download links after one week. is a great website where you can get free horoscope charts and find a lot of interesting information about astrology.

Depending on your level of knowledge (basic or advanced) and interests (basic or special topics) there are many great books – feel free to write me what you are interested in and I will give you a suitable tip.

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